Summer Classes:Kula NSB Ashtanga Intensive June 3-15 6:30-7:30AM $108 |All Levels|

Ms. White's Classroom

Yoga + Series ( All BST Students)



Students develop mindfulness skills, body awareness, positive body image, confidence and focus by participating in Yoga Health and Wellness class, in a non-competitive, ambient atmosphere.  Every 2 weeks, Ms. White will feature a new  “+ series,” that combines subject area or character development skill that correspond with Yoga Health and Wellness. 

Yoga + Content Creation (Middle School Elective)



An extension of Yoga +, Advanced Yoga + Content Creation gives students the opportunity to take their yoga knowledge and passion to the next level. Students will learn the basics of media creation including production, lighting, journalistic skills (like fact checking) and editing techniques as they create their own social media content that we will share with the community. 

Mysore Munchkins Etiquette

Kinsey, our "Mysore Munchkin"  is pictured giving her Mommie some love in a seated forward fold.

During Morning Mysore, Kids can practice or sleep in the yoga room while adults practice. This yoga comes from a lineage of householders and "sense making" if bringing your kids is the only thing that makes sense, bring them! They can sleep,  participate, study, read, observe,, as long as its quietly. The proven long term effects of exposing children to daily dedication toward ones health develops a healthy connection between child and body from the very start. 

VCAY believes in real life! If you have obstacles regarding child care, reach out. Shanna or one of her faithful morning yogis can probably help! Lets all help each other! Teamwork to make the dream work.