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Ashtanga Yoga Method

The Difference

Ashtanga Yoga involves uniting  the mind and body using the tristana method. Combining the trifecta of breathing with sound, bandhas and dristhi. Adding to this trifecta a progressively more challenging series of postures. This process produces intense internal heat and a purifying sweat that detoxifies muscles and organs. With daily practice, the student becomes steady and the practice becomes a moving meditation that you can take with you anywhere. The daily commitment to yourself via yoga is the teacher in this practice. 

Two Types:

  a. Led format is the more popular way/method for  teaching because you can fit more bodies into a room and fit more  classes onto a schedule in the led format
b. Mysore  method teaches each Student individually based on their needs. In  contrast Led classes teach to an entire class, often ostracizing and  intimidating students not as fit or flexible as others in a large class.