New Students Start Monday, September 10th at 6:30 AM All Levels | All Ages | $40

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$40 donation for services, funds go towards VCAY's "Attention" program, a free service for children and families to help manage anger, stress and behavior related issues. 

About Us

Volusia County Ashtanga Yoga Community Purpose

 Volusia County Ashtanga Yoga is a non-profit traditional morning Mysore program. Class is held in the Yoga Health and Wellness room at Burns Sci Tech. Classes are taught by Ms. Shanna White before school hours from 5-730 am at a reasonable monthly fee.   

  The goal is to provide a Yoga Health and Wellness program to support the community. All of it. 

Burns Sci Tech now offers Yoga Health and Wellness from Kindergarten- LIFE! Starting in the classroom with Ms. White and if desired continuing on after graduating and joining VCAY. 

 Daily yoga practice develops self discipline, self-love, confidance, peace of mind, reduces anxiety, reduces body fat and eliminates mental disturbances. ( to name a few) 

Morning Mysore Ashtanga Yoga offers one on one instruction to meet you where you are. It's like a private class in a group setting. Shanna observes and adjusts, offering physical adjustments and verbal cues to understand, develop , guide and maintain a daily yoga practice.   

All levels are welcome. Come as you are. 

New Students Start on Mondays

First week practicing at VCAY is introduced in a 5 day structured course. 

Monday-Friday 630-730

Enjoy this time and process. 

*Consistency is key*

Email me to sign up!

"1 practice, 1 teacher. No circus." - Shanna White

You come!

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Morning Mysore

Contact Shanna White for more information.

Volusia County Ashtanga Yoga

160 Ridge Rd, Oak Hill, Florida 32759, United States

(407) 506-7735


Morning Mysore 

Monday – Friday: 5am–8am
Saturday- 8am-10am


Sunday- Closed 


 (Opening Mantra at 7am) 

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New students begin on Monday, only. Thank You.