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$40 donation for services, funds go towards VCAY's "Attention" program, a free service for children and families to help manage anger, stress and behavior related issues. 

About Us

Voluisa County Ashtanga Yoga Community Purpose

 Volusia County Ashtanga Yoga is a non profit traditional morning Mysore program. 

Morning Mysore Ashtanga Yoga offers one on one instruction to meet you where you are. Shanna observes and adjusts, offering physical adjustments and verbal cues to understand, develop and maintain a daily yoga practice.  

Beginners Course

January 22nd-26th 




Consistency is key!  

A  5 day commitment is required, in order to effectively introduce you to this method of learning yoga. The Ashtanga Yoga method is very different than a yoga class  taken at a Gym or yoga studio.  At VCAY students learn how to use this method to improve balance, mobility, flexibility, build strength, build endurance and decrease stress, tension and physical pain. 

The more Shanna sees you the more she can help you. Consistency is key!  


Lastly, leave your expectations and ego at the door, with your shoes :) 


Find peace in showing up for yourself, and the yoga will do the rest. 

Spend quality time, dark and early with Shanna, learning the traditional method of Ashtanga Yoga. It's like a private lesson, in a group setting. 

You'll dig this VCAY from life and begin to learn the method. As you grow comfortable, Shanna will add on asanas (poses) at a structured pace that is suitable for your individual needs. 

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or Text SIGN ME UP to 4075067735

About Shanna White

Shanna White a small town country girl from Faribury, Nebraska; began her Ashtanga Yoga journey in 2008. She began traveling to Mysore, India to study with her teachers Sharath and Saraswati Jois at the Krishna Pattabhi Jois Ashtanga Yoga Institute in 2011. Summer of 2016, Shanna received the blessing from her teachers to share the Ashtanga Yoga method as it has been taught to her. She began VCAY to not only share the method but to bring together the community. of Volusia County. Teachers, students at Burns Sci Tech, parents and community members. 

 A message from Shanna: 

The more we love ourselves. The more we love each other. That is the point. We are connected.  On the mat, dark and early. Monday-Friday.  I intend to teach this method until I'm old and gray. Are you with me? 


Shanna humbly dedicates VCAY to her teachers and the method that has been passed to her, undiluted. To all the teachers that come before her and all the sacred and traditional teachings that remain untouched. 

"1 practice, 1 teacher. No circus. "- Shanna White 

You come!

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Morning Mysore

Contact Shanna White for more information. Whites@burnsscitech.org

Volusia County Ashtanga Yoga

160 Ridge Rd, Oak Hill, Florida 32759, United States

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Morning Mysore 

Monday – Friday: 5am–8am
Saturday- 8am-10am


Sunday- Closed 


 (Opening Mantra at 7am) 

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New students begin on Monday, only. Thank You.